Reflect. ["First Day of Christmas"]

I'll start by saying, this isn't going to be a controversial post. It's not going to be an angry or ranting post, either. I just want to reflect.

I got home from school today to the news blaring.

20 small children dead. Six adults dead. Shot by a man in a school.

Of course, the details on such a thing are endless.

Even if it had only been 1 child or 1 adult dead, I still would have reacted the way I did. Numbers don't matter when it comes to things like this, people.

Anywho, I was pretty torn up. First, I wanted to make sure my cousins and the rest of my family was okay. Thank God, they are.

And then I began to think deeper about the situation, and how everyone involved must be feeling. I can only imagine the agonizing horror to find that my child was killed in a school shooting. A child, who was probably loved by many, and had a huge, bright future ahead of them. There are so many possibilities in this world; when those possibilities end in a halt in such a way, I can't help but to weep.

This event made me realize how cruel the world can be, and how awful and downright insane humans can be as well. But it also made me remember how extremely thankful I am to have a safe, happy, lovely life with a safe loving family. Thank you so much for everything, Lord. I love You with all my heart and soul.

I just hope that this tragic event doesn't stop people from celebrating the birth of Jesus. (or whatever you celebrate! Whoever you are, whatever you do, I hope you enjoy a safe, warm holiday season with your friends and family.)

What keeps my body, mind and soul at ease is knowing that God will take the victims up in his arms and welcome them to Heaven. And some day, as heart-wrenching as this all may be, those peoples' friends and families will be able to see them once again in paradise.

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