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Music I love.

In no particular order...

1. Owl City~
Everything about Adam Young's music puts me in a state of utter bliss. I just adore listening to his voice, and all the techno-y sounds, the keyboard, the soft strum of guitars and pianos... he just combines so much different music into so many different amazing songs. Each holds something promising that makes me smile. Whenever I'm feeling down, or even feeling blissfully happy, and just want to dance, Owl City is the first thing I turn to. Not to mention, the lyrics are perfectly poetic and breath-taking. Adam Young is in fact on my list of people to meet/hug/get an autograph of. :)

2. Lights~
More techno. I love her album "The Listening"... every song describes how I feel or have felt at one time or another, and I love songs that do that. It's really fantastic. Valerie Poxleitner's voice and lyrics are wonderful.

3. Ellie Goulding~
She is a combination of a beautiful voice and fantastic instrumentals. I love every bit…