A Clarification of Clarity

I prefer to experience things in my life with a certain clarity. If my perception becomes too warped or obscured, I become overwhelmed, and where's the fun in that? 

I prefer to take my time with many of the activities I partake in; such as running, eating, reading or creating. 

Like my actions, my emotions need a bit of time as well. Time to develop. Time to heal. Time to expand. 

My experiences are important to me because they make up who I am. Sometimes I let them become too important, however, and one wrong move upsets me beyond recognition. But I just have to remind myself that even the worst days have some merit to who I am as a person.

My life is not justified by my sorrows, burdens and mistakes, but by how I choose to act and deal with them.

That's how everyone should feel.

There is a certain clarity that comes with knowing oneself, to see and to reflect on one's experiences and to make sense out of even the slightest mistakes. There is some reason behind everything, whether it is good or bad, light or dark, big or small. We're all a part of this, you see.

We all know the questions.

Deep down, we all know the answers.

There is clarity to what we do and how we feel, somewhere in this vast land of living.

We just have to push ourselves and make the best out of every morning, day and night. And someday, some moment when we least expect it, we'll wake up, and we'll know for sure we've been on the right path all along.


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