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All You Need Is Love.

So, Valentines Day went by like absolutely nothing.
Maybe it's 'cause I'm single, and had nothing to do. Maybe.
But it went by like it was air.
Everything has happened so quickly in life, we forget to stop and smell the roses, breathe in the fresh air. This morning, I watched Hook with my mom. Then after a calming shower, I listened to the Beatles, who kindly sang to me "All You Need is Love" and I decided something.

Peter Pan, at the very end of the movie, says "To live. To live will be an awfully big adventure." And he's 100% right. To live is a great adventure. Maybe death will be too, but who really knows. So for now, we must take in every line on the paper, every detailed drop of ink on the parchment. Take it all in and absorb it. Because you never know if it will be short, but you can bet that it will be an adventure.

And then as The Beatles so kindly reminded me, all we need is love! It's fine as gold and true as red white and freaking blue th…


What is relaxation these days?
Is it snuggling up with someone you love on the couch to watch a nice movie? Is it sitting in your bedroom, listening to music and eating chocolate? Is it simply sitting in silence, lying on a yoga mat?
I guess it all depends who you are, and what mood you're in.

This past week, my friends and I have joined a short-term yoga class in our school that will be continuing a couple more weeks after break. And may I just say that yoga is a VERY enjoyable and relaxing class to take. It's perfect serenity, it really is, even when you're stretching out to reach your goal of flexibility, your whole body quaking to find it's still point.
The outcome is breathtakingly relaxing.
This plus some Vitamin water, my friends and I loved it.

It starts with setting down your yoga mat and turning off the lights, while turning on some relaxing ritual-like music to calm the soul. You place yourself in child's position, (which is a position I could easily fall asle…