Good Friday

Every year, seasons come and go and holidays come and go as well. I used to think they'd pile atop one another like a giant glob of dandelion seeds. And yet, they string together, but in a different sense. It's like a timeline, highly obscure and infinitesimal, but so very bright. I can see what I've learned, and see what I've lost, and see what I have and always will love. 

Good Friday in particular interests me because each year I find more and more reasons to love God. And each year the biggest reason makes itself known and strong. It amazes me; the way I see the world and perceive others seems to grow and flourish, as does my relationship with God. 

And in turn, I encourage everyone to grow, expand and flourish in the light of the true goodness in the world. Look for the goodness in everything and everyone, and you will find a new light shed upon your life. It fills the emptiness and fills you. 

I'm no preacher, I just like to share what I've learned from my life thus far. 

Hope you're having a beautiful weekend. 


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