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Why Modern Politics is Destroying Us

I may not be a political science major, but I have a decent grasp of United States politics, and right now we're a mess. Anyone in the world can see it, since our political revels and defeats are always being splayed across news and social media. What's more: instead of trying to unite over common issues, we're pitching our causes at each other like weapons for war. The problem, in my opinion, isn't the mess; it's our reactions.
Everyone has morals. Everyone has beliefs. Everyone thinks they're right. But what happens when there isn't only one answer?  What happens when diverse groups of people are tossed together like a salad? Do they listen to each other before speaking or do they sit and scream accusations? At what point does the fence fall?
In today's society, we're plagued by the illusion of binary systems. "Liberal" and "conservative" have become terms we use to describe our personalities rather than political standing. This d…

we're made of strings and small things | poem

And if you get cut, it hurts like hell, unless
hell is inside you, buried beneath the folds
of your skin, and then, I suppose, you’re
akin to stinging bones and words you don’t
know, helicopters circling a phoenix. You
were born here, but you never thought you’d
die here. Never thought you’d become a pile
of overplayed strings on linoleum floor.
Never knew you’d turn blue like cracked
circuits yearning for fire. No, you
thought “grander” things: a cut on the king’s
toe, a politician’s used towels, a celebrity’s
rubber body slipping between sheets. You
wished yourself a plastic boat and floated
toward death. You forgot about the farmers, the doctors,
the hat that was warmer than the hand, how it felt
to kiss your best friend, the feather that fell to earth
like sperm spiraling toward an egg.