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Mission Trip 2013!

This year, I went to Keansburg, NJ on a Group Mission Trip with my cousin's church parish. For a whole week, we worked on peoples' houses who needed our help (whether from Hurricane Sandy, or just from lack of being able to do so themselves). A LOT happened during this week, and I was so happy I decided to go.

I took a huge leap of faith and put all my woes and worries into God's hands. I got over my fear of meeting new people, and broke out of my shell. In doing this, I grew as a person and used my hands and feet to do God's work and help people in need for a whole week.

In case you're wondering what exactly I did during this week, I kept a log of the stuff that happened so I could share it and spread the word. Each day went as follows: we got up early in the morning to eat and join our crews then go to our work sites and work all day, then every parish gathers in the gym after dinner for evening programs. However, each day brought something more for me than just …