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Attachment Theory | poem

you're syrup that's too sweet for me. our souls are stuck, (without permission) wound and bound by cobwebs, curly q’s, dust clumps. but i don’t want the kind of love you can crush with bare hands. i want the good stuff, (not over-the-counter) the kind that weaves pages in leather-bound bowels.

all i have is sap for paint, blood
for rouge, and glue to keep my eyes shut when they’d rather look
at you.

Hoarder | poem

You shatter in my hands, litter my skin. I keep your pieces in pockets, key holes, flower pots. Cracked eyes gaze from windows - bloody cobwebs clinging to eggshells. One day, you’ll be swallowed by garbage trucks, but for now, you stick
and clutter.

World Pieces | poem

The bomb killed twenty two, twelve too young to drive. (Still dying.) On the coast, I hear it - blasted white caps ripping flesh. The fish they feed are dying too.
At his concert, Matty yells, We’re proud to be from Manchester! The crowd spouts roses, glow sticks, and smoke. I leave - too dizzy to sing or think.
Security stops me - checks my pockets for bombs - finds shards of the world. Why do you have these? They scream.
I thought music would fuse them, I plead, reaching and pulling God from the smog, but they can’t see. They stumble and puff - too numb