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Everything and Nothing At All

One of my best friends wrote something interesting in my Yearbook at the end of this school year. He started with: "Amelia, what can I say about you?~ Everything and Nothing At All."
At first, I was confused by it, because I wasn't sure what he meant. Usually I'm the one who's spewing cryptic or poetic phrases to express how I feel. I was caught off guard. "What do you mean?" I asked him, but soon enough, I began to understand...

Then I did some thinking, and I noticed that "Everything and Nothing At All" was becoming a common theme throughout the discussions of our friend group. We were all feeling the same way, thinking the same things, without even realizing it.
We've been through a lot, good and bad, high and low. A lot has happened. A lot has been felt. This past year alone was a chaotic tumble of emotional, mental and physical closeness with all the people in my life.
And because of this, there is a steady silence within us. When so much…

Midnight | a poem

I fell for the moon the same way I fell for you; I went there to swoon and left behind what was true.
I love the stark sky That is far more vast than I and no sacred sigh will ever be satisfied
with the fall of night or the doused design of sight bedazzled in flight all to my brightened delight.
Henceforth, you are mine! Forever we will align, Borne back from turned time, swallowed up by summer rhyme.