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Melancholy Nostalgia.

And a tad bit of loneliness.
That is what I feel right now.
The thing is...
I hate when good things end, even though I know it just opens the doors for new beginnings.... I just, mostly I just miss everyone a TON. I get so used to having everyone in the house, and waking up to the sounds of kids playing and the aroma of breakfast being made.... So then when it's over, I feel a kind of hole in my heart. I get so sad that they're all gone, when really I know I should just be happy it (in this case, Thanksgiving break) happened.
It's weird, because even when I feel like I won't care when it ends, I always do, especially when they leave, or when I leave. Not to mention, I haven't been feeling quite myself lately.
All the same, I'm mostly pretty content and excited for the holiday season! It's just the gap in between where I miss my long distance friends and family. Close friends and family take up most of the space in my heart (right next to God), so when they…