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La Famiglia.

Lately, I've been thinking about stuff... particularly family stuff.Family matters a lot to me, especially lately in my life. They're like a metaphorical house that surrounds me and keeps me safe. It's really good to have family, and I have all of the following: ♥Parents who love me and accept me for everything I am, and who trust me and my decisions. ♥Brothers who are crazy but love me as their awesome big sis. ;) ♥Cousins who I love sosososososo much and can spend endless amounts of time with them and we never get sick of each other. ♥Aunts and uncles who are each individually awesome and wonderful and fun to be around. ♥Grandparents who are loving, kind and utterly brilliant in everything they do. I love my family so, so much and I hope they know how thankful I am for every single one of them! Not only is it important to have a family, but it's important to stick together and stay united. Often times in big families, feuds erupt, especially in our case. But we have to remem…