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this body's not a body | poem

Forgets it sheds, Dreading its own Petals.
Lives like vapor Lost in exhales.
Splits satin lips and Wire wrapped skin, Smudged with spit.

Blind | poem

I give you my love In rubies, gold, Tea cups and Wire wrapped jewels. But you don’t see.

When you are a fish in mud, I catch you And sing: You’re beautiful, Enchanting, magical! You are everything. But you don’t hear.

I caress you, I cradle you. I sprinkle You with gold dust, blow roses Into your blood. I kiss you and kiss you and kiss— But you don’t feel.

I crumple your shoulders, pull you Into me like wind through Trees, but you don’t move. You stare at me through A mirror, hissing, I love you! Can’t you See?

Fish in Your Mouth | poem

This morning I am fog, Glistening with the illusion That you’re the bog I snooze in.
The view’s nice, but it’s not The same as playing hide and seek With the fish in your cheeks.
I could be the pond In your belly, the puddle on Your tongue, the lake linking Your legs, the mud in Your eyes that splatters When you smile,
If only The fish in your mouth Played fair.

To the Tailor | poem

It’s not easy, squeezing into The suit you made me, But I’ll try.