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What I Learned... on the south side

I'm thinking of making these "What I Learned" posts whenever I travel somewhere new or whenever I feel like I learned something particularly important. 

So, I went to Texas this weekend and I absorbed lots of new knowledge I'd love to share with y'all.

Texas is awesome. 
It really is a wonderful place! Sure, it's hot and sticky and a bit messy from time to time (what place doesn't have its ups and downs?), but it was seriously an enjoyable place to be. The people are so polite and kind, and they seem to always have a smile on their face even when their lives are chaotic. That's what I find most admirable, and how strong willed they are as well. The food is great, the people and places are fun, and there's a whole lot of history and culture down there as well.

Everything's bigger in Texas.
Okay, I should have known this already, but it simply didn't occur to me how HUGE everything really was. Especially the food portions. I don't th…

A Sleepy Metaphor

My robe, so comfy & soft, was torn away from me and crushed by the hopes and dreams of many.

A Timeline

Sometimes I think we burrow too deep into the past and sink to the bottom of the darkest dankest ditches, 'till our minds are filled with soil.
And when we remember ourselves, we break free and soar higher than we planned through a phosphorescent sky, and we land smack dab somewhere in the middle of our future, bruised and confused with no way back.