November 25th | "Decoding My Heart"

Perhaps we're all just a bunch of bubbles,
floating about in a salty abyss
and I keep colliding into you
because the current keeps pushing me that way
and I never know what to say
or do
because it's such a tiny thing,
an irrevocably obscure thing
that I hope to one day decode like some
precious little puzzle.

I think we're all just rainbows
in a world of rainstorms and rage
and it takes a while to get where you're going
because nothing is easy in the heart of the storm;
but that's where we prefer to stay
because the wild wind curls and frays
our luminescent dreams from our hair
and pulls new reverie from our eyes--
secret little spies.


my love for you is just as loose,
unsightly to most eyes
and it feeds on my hope like some drunken lark,
losing sanity
to those nasty spies;
but at the same time it
draws me close
pressing my heart against yours--
striking hard against shores
and creating a plentiful bounty
of sparks.


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