November 1st.

Today, my English teacher shared with me a challenge he was partaking in from someone else's blog. (Credit goes to this fellow:

The challenge is simple: write a poem a day, every day in November.

My response: Challenge accepted.

So, without further ado, here is my first poem for the first day of November~

There is nothing more mighty
than your smile,
The warmth in your eyes
Liquid gold
Your laugh a spark to ignite the flame
Your touch so gentle and serene.
If I appear ungrateful,
It is because I am shy;
But if you appear before me,
I will look into your eyes
And catch you up on lost time:
Something we've had a lot of,
And show you the deepest dreams
The darkest desires
And the pain that fills the cracks;
Someday we'll get it all back.


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