Midnight Murmurs

Isn't it intriguing how everybody looks so vulnerable when they sleep? They could be the toughest or craziest bastard on the planet but you wouldn't know it if you saw them peacefully passed out on a downy mattress. I mean, maybe with some people you could figure it out by the way they toss or turn or if they snore or mumble restlessly in their sleep. 
But I mean when you think about it, we're really not all that different, are we? Generally, we like to curl up. We like to spread out, too. Maybe we like the spacious privilege of sleeping alone. Maybe we like snuggling up against someone, even on hot nights. Either way, we sleep. We sleep, we breathe, we eat. Right? It's times like these when I wonder why the bloody hell we can't just have world peace.

 And then I remember that it's 12:30 am and I'm tired and thinking about philosophy like it's my drug.



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