An Open Letter to My Friends

Dear friends,

Thank you.

I'm going to be honest: you have all shaped my life in some way. Throughout our hectic years of high school, or even long before, you've been there for me, like guardian angels. The funny thing is, you don't even realize it. Some of you live with the delusion that you don't matter, that you're just specs in the vaccuum of space and time. I laugh and I cry at that notion, because you are so much more. 

Have you ever stopped to think how much you mean to me and to others? Do you ever value your existence the way I do? Because you should. 

Each of you are special in one way or another. Each of you have a piece of my heart, a piece of my soul. You've given me hope and you've given me comfort. You've been loyal and sweet and kind and wonderful and mind-opening. Your experiences have become my experiences. When you hurt, I feel that pain too. You probably don't see it, but maybe if I tell you enough times, with just the right words, you'll listen. And then, you'll begin to see just how important you are to me.

The thing is, my darling friends, you're each amazing on your own, but you're also amazing when we're all together. Together, we create a puzzle, and while some pieces may be oddly shaped or bent or broken, when put together, we create one unified image. What you feel, I feel. What you see, I see. Your highlights are my highlights, your lowlights my lowlights, and the contrast is impeccable. 

We are one and we are everyone.

Sometimes I worry that I'm too easily impressionable, that my surface is molded by those I spend time with, that I'm not actually me. 
But you see, that's not entirely true. You have all shaped me, yes, but you haven't made me anyone else but me. I am still me, regardless of my past, my scars, our past, our wounds, our mistakes. Together we are we, we have everything we need. When I look at it this way, I see that truly, I wouldn't change a thing.

There isn't much in this world I'm sure of, except this: 

Together, we are powerful. Together, we are bright. Together, we are one. And although puzzle pieces can be separated, split or even smashed, we will always find our way back to one another, because then the image will be clear. Then it all makes sense, and I have no fear.

I love you all. Please know how much I love you, and how much you are loved by your other friends, because you are so important to this world and you make such a difference in everything you do.

And thank you, thank you, thank you for just being you.


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