An Open Letter to My Family

Dear Family,

Thank you.

Thank you for always being so crazy and lovely and wonderful through everything. Thank you for raising me with all the love and kindness that you could muster, and all the greatness of your souls. Thank you for surrounding me with warmth and joy, even on the darkest days. Thank you for standing with me, even when I don't know exactly what I'm standing for. Thank you for accepting me as I am. Thank you for loving me as I am. Thank you for seeing the good things about me when I cannot. Thank you for bringing me up and keeping me there as much as possible. Thank you for sacrificing your time and energy for my well being. Thank you for making me smile and laugh and cry. Thank you for being my family, for being my home. Thank you for letting me come home. Thank you for all the stories, all the tales of old and new, and thank you for just being you!

It's not even everything, but it is mainly what I've been thinking about lately. I am filled with such a gratitude this week, because when I'm away from home, I become weary. It's difficult for me to be away from home for too long, even if it's not that far. That's why I'm so glad you let me come home, and that I have a home to come to. Some don't, and the mere thought of that makes my heart break.

So thank you. Thank you for all you have done, all you continue to do, and all that you are as people, as my family. We are truly a family unit, made of bits and pieces of gems and rocks of all shapes and sizes that come together to create a mosaic. It glitters in the sun and sparkles in the rain. Everything we are is truth and wisdom and innocence and glee. Even when I feel at my weakest, I have you to come home to, you to lift my spirits and remind me of who I am, and where I've come from.

Because we are strong, we are powerful, we are kind and we are loved. We have all we need, right here in this house. In these houses. In this nation. In this world. Our families are everywhere, and that just proves that there is no distance greater than our love. 

So tonight, and every night, raise a glass. Cheers to you, cheers to us!

A la famiglia!


  1. Well said, as usual, my dear! It's such a wonderful thing that you acknowledge it all with such a way with words. And you will always have a home to come to when you need, but also know that you take part of us with you wherever you go. <3


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