Blogtober | Week One - Your Typical Ode to Seasons & Travel

I'm doing this cute little trend called "Blogtober" (if that wasn't obvious from this post's title). I like trends like these because it challenges me to stretch my mind in a way that I love much more than writing an essay for school. I adore October and all that comes with it, for the most part, so let's take an even deeper dive into my "seasonal" thoughts, shall we?


You know that feeling when you're about to travel or see some place new? You call it anxiety or excitement or wanderlust, but it's something bigger entirely. Your body is preparing itself for something new and potentially crazy, and you're full of ridiculous expectations and indications for this trip to go 100% your way 100% of the time. Unfortunately, that's not true. It's not even conventional. But here you are, sitting on that tour bus, that airplane, that train, that van, that boat, humming to yourself with excitement about whatever the heck's gonna happen tomorrow. You don't doubt yourself, or your plans, and for that, you should be glad, even if your expectations aren't entirely fulfilled.

That mind-wandering and wondering feeling is great! It reminds us of being young and getting excited about going literally anywhere --even grocery shopping--, let alone to another state or another country! Experience is great no matter what the "thrill level", so just go out there and do it and have fun with it.

People usually think Summer's the best time to travel and be active, but I think Autumn and Winter are even better times. Travelling and partying helps perk us up, prepare us for exciting and possibly difficult things in our lives. And during a time when the sun decides to play "hide and seek" with us, we might as well make the best of it.

So don't weigh yourself down with the mundane this October. Fill yourself with glee and anticipation and mouth-watering wanderlust, because it's what you were made to do. It's what we're all made to do at some point in our lives. And with God and the rest of the world as our witnesses, we're going to do it!!


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