("Met" = metaphor)

I saw a picture of roses with the caption "grow where you are planted" and then I thought "hey we're all kind of like plant seeds in this world, aren't we?"
We're quite small when you think about it, compared to the rest of the universe, but we inflict great change upon the masses. 
We float about and do our best to grow where we were originally planted. Although, in some unfortunate cases, some are blown away and carried far by the wind and all its toils. Others are found by animals and chewed, swallowed, then tossed back out again in the most gruesome way possible. And yet, most of us, we keep zipping around the earth. We are small, yeah, but we're freaking invincible when you think about it (to an extent). Our only enemies are ourselves.

Forgive me if this is messy and cheesy and possibly rather tasteless. I didn't really give this metaphor much time to boil. 

(Metaphors and puns? you ask. She's gone mad! Yeah.... Probably.) 


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