Lethargic Lament

Lately, I've been tired. My whole summer thus far has felt like nothing but sleepy sentiments and a constant stretch of my body and mind. At first I thought it was laziness. And I also thought that I deserved to be lazy. After all, I had just finished taking a crapload of difficult, (probably) pretty important exams, and school had just ended, and I was freaking exhausted!

But then I just started feeling tired. All day every day. I've even been exercising more, hoping that would make me feel better. I guess it doesn't help that I sleep the morning away. 

Between parties and get-togethers and just sitting in my room all day, I feel as though I've been stretched. I'm either tired because I've done nothing, or tired because I did too much. I'd like to find a happy medium soon, and I expect I will by the time school returns and takes me back in its daunting, fiddling fingers. 

Don't get me wrong; this summer hasn't been bad at all. 
But it's certainly been different. 


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