Remember when...

Remember when our fists were the perfect size to rub our eyes in the morning?

Remember when playing pretend was our secret way of hiding magical worlds from the grown-ups?

Remember when we would wake up early on the weekends to watch cartoons?

Remember when everybody was happy all the time?

Remember when summer lasted half a year instead of three months?

Remember when everyone was friends with everyone?

Remember when girls had cooties and boys were gross? Oh wait...

Remember when "true love" was only in fairy tales?

Remember when we thought we could do anything if we simply believed?

Remember when things were simple, and all we had to do was dream?

Sometimes I like to recall the days of old, and all the wonderful, crazy memories I made as a child. Nostalgia can be both a blessing and a curse, but what matters most is how we choose to act from here on out with the burdens and delights we carry from our past.


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