I have become greedy.
Greedy for time.
Greedy for time to do nothing, greedy for time to do everything. And it has pulled me in so many directions, some of which I didn't know I could be pulled to. 

I don't know if it's bad to be greedy for time, because when you think about it, there never is enough. There's never enough time for what I want to do, and there's especially never enough time for what I need to do. And when I want to do nothing, there isn't enough time for that either. At least, it doesn't feel like it. 
Time is slipping away from me, slowly but surely, and I feel it every day, laughing at me from afar. 

I want it to last a while, string it out just a little bit longer, postpone every affair in my life just a little bit further. And if I can do that, then maybe I'll be satisfied.

But that kind of just starts the entire cycle over again, doesn't it?


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