Why Modern Politics is Destroying Us

I may not be a political science major, but I have a decent grasp of United States politics, and right now we're a mess. Anyone in the world can see it, since our political revels and defeats are always being splayed across news and social media. What's more: instead of trying to unite over common issues, we're pitching our causes at each other like weapons for war. The problem, in my opinion, isn't the mess; it's our reactions.

Everyone has morals. Everyone has beliefs. Everyone thinks they're right. But what happens when there isn't only one answer? 
What happens when diverse groups of people are tossed together like a salad? Do they listen to each other before speaking or do they sit and scream accusations? At what point does the fence fall?

In today's society, we're plagued by the illusion of binary systems. "Liberal" and "conservative" have become terms we use to describe our personalities rather than political standing. This duality is dangerous because it perpetuates polarization and division. It's as if we're standing on opposite poles of the earth! Furthermore, if someone tries to walk between the poles or cross over, we shoot them and boil them down to feed our ever growing appetites for argument.

We've labeled ourselves to maintain structure, to make ourselves feel better, to give ourselves purpose. In reality, the purpose isn't a hat we wear or a sign we wave; it's our soul. Our purpose lies deep within us, at the root and heart of everything we are.

  We think we know what's best for our country and our world, but we haven't even stopped to think about what's best for ourselves as individuals. We haven't given ourselves a chance to breathe. We march and argue because it makes us feel useful. It inspires and enrages. It sparks and deflates. But we aren't tools to be used, abused, and chewed on. We aren't calculators, robots, or political bait. We aren't cause-mongers who wear soap boxes for shoes. 

We are humanity
We are living, breathing creatures who are all trying to live in this crazy world together, and sometimes it gets messy. Sometimes we disagree. Sometimes lines are crossed, people get hurt, and shit hits the fan.

But it's okay. 
It's okay because we have each other. We were made together. Some of us were even born in the same year or on the same day. We were made to work together and live together. 
We're supposed to listen to each other. We're supposed to support each other. We're supposed to open our hearts, eyes, ears, arms. We were made to love. Even if you can't agree, the least you can do is love.


  1. You are amazing. And wise, and correct.


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