Drag Race | poem

America’s laughing.
You wanna know why?
Out of all the Queens,
She won the crown in her teens.
Bitch was fierce and she knew it.

But y’know,
She was big and beautiful
But she was sick like a witch,
And she smoked
And drank (oh, Lordy, did she drank).
She stuffed her big booty up in that dress and corset,
Coughed up her lungs for all to see,
And they were nasty, honey,
Believe me.

America’s tired, girl.
You wanna know why?
She’s tired of winning all the time.
She’s tired of wakin’ up and painting her face and serving red white and blue realness when
She’s a hot mess!
You better believe
She ain’t walkin’ in those heels no more, because they broke
And she broke.
She owe all her friends more than she got,
Cuz she thought she had it all but ‘it all’ looks a hell of a lot like nothin’,
You know what I’m sayin’?

Ain’t nobody seen America untucked before. Ain’t nobody
Ever seen the nitty gritty behind the chic.
So when she do slip up,
That’s when they snag her,
Throwin’ her the worst shade,
Callin’ her some awful names,
All cuz she opened her mouth wide enough for us to see her cavities. And girl,
She got plenty!

Oh, shit.
What did you do? What did you say?
Someone get the girl a tissue!
America’s mascara’s runnin’!

Honey, you better watch out,
Cuz Miss Liberty ain’t feelin’ well.
She’ll be countin’ down the days
Till the winner’s announced
And in between cigarette breaks, she’ll be
Purgin’ in the shower,
Searchin’ for powder and glitter on the bathroom floor,
Even though she knows it don’t matter,
Even though she knows she can’t beat these hoes.


  1. I love this so freaking much, I am going to share the shit out of it!!!


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