Moon and Balloon | poem

“Loss is one of the hardest things you’ll ever go through. The other is love.” -Maurice Chacchia, my grandfather.


Labradorite bubble,
Royal blue balloon.
As the moon rose,
She did too.

Last summer,
A tree snagged her.
Ribbon and bark entangled.
Slivers of heart strangled.

After months of struggle,
Her skin crumbled,
But she inhaled air and
Ascended to Heaven.

There, she met the moon,
Who told her: “it’s okay
To love the tree,
But you can be free too.”

Moon taught Balloon
Star language,
And she learned how
To speak galaxies.

Moon and Balloon
Danced and sang
And made a kingdom
Out of oblivion.

Moon gave Balloon
Air, clouds, stardust
And a promise
In stone.

But even stone
Can fracture.
The moon shattered
Like brittle bone.

Severed pearls slashed.
Thorns raped
And battered
Smooth skin.

Shrieking, the balloon
Popped, sobbed

And dropped.


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