Stream of Philosophical Thought

Do you ever wonder why things turn out the way they do? Is it fate? Is it destiny? Is it the pressure of a trillion worrisome minds colliding over the centuries? What can be prevented? What is inevitable? What's important? What isn't? 
When do we start? Where do we begin?

These are the kinds of questions that flood into my mind in the middle of the night when sleep seems useless. The little voices in my head get louder and louder until I'm sure I must be having an argument of some kind. They're persistent sometimes. And they do propose interesting points, don't they? There are events that happen in this world that are unable to be explained, even by the most intelligent, well-spoken people. 

And it's not just the "what" and the "why", but also the "how". There is such intricate detail that goes into every choice we make and into every event that occurs throughout our life. It's not just choices and events, either. It's every touch, every exercise, every hug, every kiss, every book, every movie, every meal, every song, every article of clothing, every tattoo, every stubborn strand of DNA. 
Every little bit of substance inside us and around us affects how we feel and who we are, physically, mentally, spiritually.

If you concentrate really hard, you can feel life working together with your soul, like spiritual clockwork. To feel this process is everything. While there may be no singular right answer, I believe there are distinct reasons for what we feel and how we feel. There's a reason your heart flutters at the sound of that melody. There's a reason your dreams are technicolor, even the nightmares. There's a reason you feel protective of those you love.
 Believe it or not, there is sanity behind aimless thought, or being -occasionally- overly emotional.

Feelings aren't bad. Even the strangest thoughts aren't wrong. It can be tough to carry them all inside of us, but we move along. Clouds move over the sun, but they pass. Roadblocks and walls make themselves known in your mind but there's nothing you can't solve if you open your eyes wide enough and separate gray from silver. 

Many times, when we ask "deep" questions, it's out of desperate confusion. We want to know the answers so badly because we're used to filling ourselves with rock-hard facts that may not really be factual at all. Most of what we know is just an assumption, or a man-made, Earth-based concept. Our life can be like a masquerade. A dance. A show. Everything is physically dynamic, obscuring what little bit of truth is left peeking out from behind the curtain.

Some questions just can't be answered. Some knowledge can't be known. Some truth can't be told.

...But truth isn't meant to be told, silly goose. It's meant to be felt.


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