Think back.

Think back as far as you can remember, and then some.

What was your first memory? 
Do you recall your first heartbeat?
Did it beat like a drum?
A feeling?
A fleeting fall?

Is there something that stands out?

Is there anything at all?

Now look a little closer.
What do you see?

Is it joy? Is it love?
Is it sky? Is it sea?

Is it pain? Is it sorrow?
Was it yesterday? Is it tomorrow?

Look me in the eyes and tell me these things mean nothing. Look me in the eyes, because I can tell you they mean more than something.

You are life. You are strife. You are stronger than any knife,

or blade or sword that can cling to skin that refuses to sting.

Please don't forget any of it;

Don't forget a single thing.

Never forget where you came from. Never forget those who made your life great. 
Never forget those who did their best to defend everyone, even when others were full of hate.

Never forget the people who raised you, even with all their flaws. 
Never forget the responsibilities, the consequences, and the laws.

Never forget the outsides and ins of what makes you you. 
Never forget where you learned your ABCs, ones and twos.

Never forget playing pretend. 
Never forget the beginnings and ends.

Never forget your winding, swirling roots

and never forget your first pair of rain boots.

Never forget each and every piece of your peace, and those who wouldn't keep it.

Never forget all the collections, the gifts, the trinkets

lined up on your shelf.

Because if you forget them, you forget yourself.


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