Thumb Under The Chin

I've had that "thumb under the chin and finger on my lips" kind of look lately. It's that look of focus, of pondering, of wonder and concern and speculation. I am curious about life and all that comes with it and I am fascinated by the cacophony of concepts that swirl around in my mind. 

Some thoughts are good. Some are bad. Most are so big they won't even fit in my head, despite how I keep trying to squeeze them in. Some of them are like those little sponges we got as kids that grew when placed in water. They absorb and expand and inflate, full of new opinions and frivolous frights that eagerly replace all the soap bubbles. It's pretty cool, and pretty ridiculous at the same time.

I catch myself making the "thumb under the chin and finger on my lips" look when doing all kinds of things, but mostly when I'm reading. I've been reading a lot lately. Mostly articles and forums and other media and social media, encasing my brain in whispers and rumbles.

There isn't anything that stops this feeling of curiosity, this push of perpetual thought, this range of roaring wonder. It is this year, I think, when I will become even more curious. I'll wonder, I'll analyze, I'll pick and prod and hope for the best and maybe --just maybe,-- I'll learn something new.


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