What I Learned... on the south side

I'm thinking of making these "What I Learned" posts whenever I travel somewhere new or whenever I feel like I learned something particularly important. 

So, I went to Texas this weekend and I absorbed lots of new knowledge I'd love to share with y'all.

Texas is awesome. 
It really is a wonderful place! Sure, it's hot and sticky and a bit messy from time to time (what place doesn't have its ups and downs?), but it was seriously an enjoyable place to be. The people are so polite and kind, and they seem to always have a smile on their face even when their lives are chaotic. That's what I find most admirable, and how strong willed they are as well. The food is great, the people and places are fun, and there's a whole lot of history and culture down there as well.

Everything's bigger in Texas.
Okay, I should have known this already, but it simply didn't occur to me how HUGE everything really was. Especially the food portions. I don't think I finished one whole meal entirely during that trip (unless you count leftovers)... Not to mention, the largest water park in the U.S. (which I sadly didn't get the chance to go to)...

There's a lot of German influence on the Tex Mex heritage.
I had no idea there was so much prevalence of German culture in Texas, especially such that mixes with the Mexican influence I already knew to be there. There were a lot of German names of places, and a subtle German influence to the sound of their music. I really enjoyed seeing the vast mix of cultures that has such rich history behind it all. Chaotic and crazy, the mix is pretty brilliant if you ask me.

Sometimes the biggest mistakes can turn into the greatest blessings.
I'm not really sure how to explain this one, other than with the example of the Alamo. Many died during many battles and attacks. War is never a good thing, but it can lead to a mix of cultures and a new diversity such places had not yet seen. It can make people unite, and bring us together despite our differences. This was the outcome, and it amazes me to think of other mistakes that turn out to be true blessings of life and love. It's pretty mind boggling.

Texans know how to party.
Also kind of inevitable, but I didn't realize Texans had so much bursting energy for partying! Every night for us was pretty much a party, even when we were too exhausted to move, and it made things a whole lot more interesting. Everyone's so loving and welcoming, too, so it didn't really matter where we went or what for, it was simply to HAVE FUN!

I love Mexican culture.
Everything about it: the food, the traditions, the music, the people... Mexico is cool! Of course, I'm guessing most of what we experienced was Tex Mex, and more of a blend of cultures, but I still got my first real taste of such culture, so it was pretty awesome! I liked seeing people from all over the place come together and have such great fun and stories to share. I loved eating damn good Tex Mex food, and good ol' Texas BBQ! I loved listening to Mexican music, even if I had no idea how to dance to it...

I am such a WHITE GIRL.
Uh, yeah, kind of self explanatory, but there you go. 

Everything's funner to say in a Texas accent.
Also self explanatory. But seriously. And it catches on quick, so watch out. 

When in Texas, stay hydrated!
I must have drunk at least 7 water bottles each day during my stay there...

OK, I already knew this, but this trip really reminded me just how much I adore my family, every branch of it! They are crazy, cool, bizarre and lovely and I love them to pieces! They are the best people in my life and I am ever so grateful for them. Also, spending some time with my cousins (there's never enough of that) got me super excited for spending summer with them at the lake! I'm eager to get going on some more NY-TX-and-everywhere-in-between family time!


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