Sleepy Ramblings About Distance

Distance is a funny thing. It fills with unspoken words on metal tongues and cheesy grins on post cards and profane bumper stickers. It's all about context, and not so much about reality. It's a pain, but it can also be a blessing in disguise. That's cliche but it's true.

Distance reveals the best in us, and the worst. It is the pinnacle of happy endings and sad beginnings. It's the difference between love and happiness. It's the true meaning of freedom, and mystery. It helps us feel truly grateful for what we have, and miserably yearning for what we don't.

But distance is distance. And we are people. We can only be so patient, so nimble. And yet we can stretch out to the borders, to the several seas, to the plethora of horizons and the cornucopia of unknowns. We have so much, it's just spread out across this huge field called distance. It's not really far away. Nothing is ever too far. 

Many think distance creates boundaries. I think it creates bonds. 


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