Blog-worthy Blogs & Sites!

Hello there! 
I thought I'd take a moment to tell you about some of my favorite blogs/websites!

  • The Whimsical Sweet ~ ~ This, ladies and gentlemen, is my lovely godmother and aunt! She is da bomb. No, seriously, go check out her stuff! She is one crafty lady! And it's always amazing how she can have such a busy-bee schedule, still while keeping up on homeschooling and raising her wonderful children. Her blog posts are like a breath of fresh air.
  • Pretty Little Things ~ ~ This is one of my best friends! She has the cutest, most festive, creative blog eva! She always has the best ideas to share, and this month she's doing a blog post a day to countdown to Christmas. Check her out! You won't be disappointed.
  • Wonderland Wardrobe ~ ~ This is Kalel. I watch her videos on YouTube (which I also highly suggest), and this is her fashion blog! Here you'll find the cutest outfits for a range of occasions. I like to take a peak at her blog once in a while to see some of the neat outfits she comes up with. Also, I'm pretty sure she makes a lot of her accessories! She's very crafty and has a unique style. 
  • Raindrops of the Roof ~ ~ This is another one of my buddies! He's probably the best artist I know, to be honest. There's so much emotion and story in every piece of artwork, and you can tell he loves doing what he does. If you want to buy any of his prints, they are on sale as well. 


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