The Light

It's times like these when I can't help but to look towards the light...

Because the light is where hope lies. The light reminds us of everything we love and cherish. It holds the key to optimism, and the symbolism of the soul. It's a broadened perspective of how we think that can only continue to open our hearts the more we look towards it. Someone once told me that when you look towards the light in a car it shines on all the imperfections on the windows. It makes our flaws visible. Once we are aware of our own sins, or own unstoppable flaws, we have the strength to journey on.

The light isn't just a beacon of hope, it is a rude yet gentle awakening each morning that we can face the day with heads held high. It is a reminder that, underneath all the different skin and hair and personality, we all walk under the same sun. We all face the same demons. And in the end, we will always return to the light. 


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