Today was one of those days where I felt like I was completely asleep until around 6pm.
Needless to say, I was very frustrated with my brain's lack of coherence and processing today. Luckily, the schoolwork wasn't too hefty. But I have to say, I should step up my game when it comes to school. Usually I just kinda chill, lay back, maybe day dream here and there. But, of course, I should be paying more attention. So from now on, I will try my best to focus.
Today was just one of those days where I felt like falling onto the floor and sleeping all day. (& it's only the second week of school. oh dear.)

Aside from that, I was thinking earlier this evening about something my wonderful mommy said to me on our way home from shopping.

We had been discussing the loss of her second child, who would have been a beautiful baby girl. (This miscarriage was awful, yes, but without it, we would never have had my little brother. This proves that something good can come out of something horrible. God is kind, and loving. I'll never take his love for granted.)

*after slightly long discussion about it (it sometimes pops up during our talks of family, nostalgia, etc.)*
"...But life goes on," my mom said, in a way that was so "movie-esque" to me, I almost started tearing up. I paused, letting silence fill the car. Well, the sound of the engine and radio, but at this point both sounds were being ignored.
Then, I asked quietly, staring up at the navy blue sky, "Do you think you'll ever meet her someday?"
And my mom nodded, replying, "I know we will. We were meant to meet her, just not here."

I was completely, well, touched, I suppose. All of a sudden, I completely understood what she meant. It made me smile. It was probably one of the best things I've ever heard emit from a person's lips. There was just so much seriousness and so much love in those words, I wanted to just pump my fist and cheer.

It may have been a small moment, but it was a small moment that made my day a whole lot better. We don't know many things about life and death, but when someone says something like that, with so much sureness and love, it really makes me happy.

I really love those kind of moments. The kinds that make you feel like the whole world really is worth something, like what you're doing everyday, what you wake up every morning to do, is all really important.
Never forget that.
Though the world we live in has an endless amount of faults, we can't forget the amount of beauty, love and compassion this world also bares. If we keep our heads high and always keep our lenses clear and clean, we will live well and happily.
This world may be dark and cruel at times, but I am so thankful to be living in it.


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