La Famiglia.

Lately, I've been thinking about stuff... particularly family stuff.
Family matters a lot to me, especially lately in my life. They're like a metaphorical house that surrounds me and keeps me safe. It's really good to have family, and I have all of the following:
♥Parents who love me and accept me for everything I am, and who trust me and my decisions.
♥Brothers who are crazy but love me as their awesome big sis. ;)
♥Cousins who I love sosososososo much and can spend endless amounts of time with them and we never get sick of each other.
♥Aunts and uncles who are each individually awesome and wonderful and fun to be around.
♥Grandparents who are loving, kind and utterly brilliant in everything they do.
I love my family so, so much and I hope they know how thankful I am for every single one of them!
Not only is it important to have a family, but it's important to stick together and stay united. Often times in big families, feuds erupt, especially in our case.
But we have to remember that even though we disagree on a lot of things, or maybe we come from different places, or we are just different in general, that we are united. We have the same blood flowing through our veins as our ancestors, and that's what makes us linked.
And that's the best thing ever. A united family. And we all love each other unconditionally, and appreciate every little thing we do for each other.
So I just wanted to say thank you to my amazing family, and I hope that all of you have a wonderful family who keeps you safe and happy, and be thankful you do. Because some people don't have the luxury of a loving family, and that breaks my heart.
If I could give every child in the world a loving home and family they deserved, I would.
Thank you again.


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