Music I love.

In no particular order...

1. Owl City~
Everything about Adam Young's music puts me in a state of utter bliss. I just adore listening to his voice, and all the techno-y sounds, the keyboard, the soft strum of guitars and pianos... he just combines so much different music into so many different amazing songs. Each holds something promising that makes me smile. Whenever I'm feeling down, or even feeling blissfully happy, and just want to dance, Owl City is the first thing I turn to. Not to mention, the lyrics are perfectly poetic and breath-taking. Adam Young is in fact on my list of people to meet/hug/get an autograph of. :)

2. Lights~
More techno. I love her album "The Listening"... every song describes how I feel or have felt at one time or another, and I love songs that do that. It's really fantastic. Valerie Poxleitner's voice and lyrics are wonderful.

3. Ellie Goulding~
She is a combination of a beautiful voice and fantastic instrumentals. I love every bit of her music, lyrics and all. They bring back memories and stories that always unfold inside my head... I find her music to also be something to listen to when I am in a "mood". Electronic+acoustic rebounded. It's splendid. :)

4. Breanne Duren~
Breanne often sings in Owl City songs, which is, in my opinion, the PERFECT combo. She just adds the perfect amount of feminine voice and strength, and side by side with Adam it is PERFECTION. Her music on her own is just as pretty, with her soft, childlike voice and happy instrumentals. Her songs make me feel in love when I don't even have anyone to love in that way ^.^ (if that made any sense...)

5. Regina Spektor~
Taking a step away from my favorite electronic/techno singers, and heading towards alternative. Regina Spektor is seriously one of the top ten people I must meet before I die. She is fantastic in every way-- her beautiful personality, gorgeous voice, lovely lyrics and music. Every ounce of her music is liquid gold. I love it. She's definitely on my list.    Her music really keeps me grounded and whole; it's a wonderful feeling, especially when I need it.

6. Coldplay~
Coldplay is another band I could NEVER get sick of. Every song brings something new, exciting and lovely to the eardrums and my soul. I love their instrumentals, and his voice. It picks me up and sweeps me off my feet, into new worlds and exciting stories. I just love it. I must see them in concert some day. :)

7. Annie Lennox~
To this day, her voice rings out like a call to sing and dance, bringing everyone together. I adore her music, especially her voice. I listen to Annie Lennox when I am in a certain "in between" mood, where I'm not entirely sure what I want to listen to, but I want to be brought back to Earth, in some sense.

I think that's it for now...
Let me know what you think, and what bands/singers you like :)
Whatever music you listen to, if it makes you feel alive, happy, or just better in general, LISTEN TO IT. And don't let anyone change your opinions about it, 'cause that's one of the fantastic things about music. There's so many different kinds, you can listen to WHATEVER YOU WANT.


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