Hello again, dear.

I haven't posted in a while... and lookatthat, it's changed a bit, hasn't it?
Well, I've got nothing important to say except for one little thing... one of my favorite quotes lately has been this:

"Life is like a book. How can you continue on to the next chapter if you're constantly rereading the last one?"

It makes perfect sense to me. (of course, that may be because I love reading, but it's true!!)
You can't keep rereading the past, remembering and crying over it. If it bothers you, you must move on! You have a lot of life left, so keep going, and try to enjoy every second of it! Push fate your way; you can do it! Don't be discouraged because of one screwup, because of one mistake. That one mistake is NOT going to write the way your life goes.

So pick up that book, write it, and enjoy.
Go, you can do it. :)


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