Ya Gotta Love Family.

I absolutely love my family, and I wouldn't switch places with anyone else in the entire world. My family keeps me grounded, in touch with the world and people in general. They love me for who I am, and vice-versa. This Thanksgiving, the top thing on my list to be thankful for was my family. I appreciate everything they've ever done for me.

Last week, my great grandmother passed away. She'd lived a great long life, and her death brought us all together again just in time for the holiday season. If there was ever any conflict, any doubt in our minds, it was washed away by the food at the dining room table. We all sat, talked, ate pleasantly, and shared our love with each other. Mostly through hugs and kisses, and words were passed as well.

I love my family, so so much, and am very thankful for all of them. They all hold a special place in my heart, and I hope everyone can be as grateful for their families as I am for mine.

Even during times of darkness and despair, we help each other out of the tunnel and find light. This holiday season will be greeted with open arms! I am very excited awaiting the arrival of Christmas ☺

Be thankful for all you have. Keep your friends close, and you're family even closer. Cherish all you have and relish your days of happiness and joy.


  1. Thankful for a wonderful, loving niece/Goddaughter like yourself! Looking forward to celebrating Christmas & all it has to offer with you :) :) :)



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