The City that Never Sleeps. . .

Yes yes, I went to NYC for a school trip! It's my second time going altogether, but the last time I went I was only two, so you can imagine my excitement.
I think it was a really fantastic experience for everyone, even the people that had gone last year. 

On Friday we arrived in the city around noon, just in time for a hearty lunch at a cute little french restaurant. I had chicken and potatoes with some DELICIOUS zucchini and carrots. There were baskets piled high with veggies and sausages, and for the first time ever, I tried and enjoyed ground goose liver. It was actually very good, and I was glad I tried something new. Next, we went to a dance academy were we took an hour long salsa lesson! It was very fun despite everyone's clammy hands. I recall it being very warm in that room, and when the cool city air met my face again, it came with relief. 

Later, we checked into the hotel in NJ, close by. The hotel was a very good one, and had a pool and a hot tub. The continental breakfast was the best one I'd ever had in all the hotels I've been to. They had quite a selection, and very pleasant decor. I loved it. ☺

On Saturday, we woke up bright and early at six o' clock. I was tired, and regretfully grumpy in the beginning of the day, but that all changed when we found the NBC store. In the very back, noticed by my awesome observant friend, there was a Doctor Who section. Doctor Who is my ultimate favorite show, and I am definitely an obsessed Whovian.
If you have no clue what I'm talking about, that's your loss. I suggest you check it out and catch up asap.
after buying an awesome t-shirt with Matt Smith's (the Doctor's) face on it, and feeling as happy as ever, we continued shopping through the following stores.... F.A.O. Shwartz, Tiffany's, the M&M store, and Godiva chocolate... I bought a soft stuffed wolf and named him Jacob. ☺ We also visited the cathedral, which was tall and very beautiful... When we stepped inside and lit a couple candles, my friend actually cried as she lit one for her deceased uncle. I felt pity for her, and prayed for everyone in the city and back home. It's just one of those things I have to do when I step into the church. Even if I wasn't catholic, I'd feel the need to.

After shopping and another yummy lunch of fish n' chips at Bubba Gump's (a warm little restaurant), we went to Majestic Theatre (I believe it was called), and watched Phantom of the Opera.
Aaaand guess what? . . . I cried in the end. It was amazingly beautiful- I loved the special effects, the music, and the acting especially. Everything was very well put together, and I wished I'd brought more money that day with me to buy a t-shirt. Perhaps I was the only one that loved it as much as I did, for my friends laughed at me when I said I'd cried...

Sunday was our last day in NYC, and we took a ferry out to Ellis Island, where we spent most of the day in the museum, looking for peoples' last names and ancestors in computers, and gathering facts of intrigue. It was a really interesting experience, but I especially enjoyed the gift shop. I bought a key chain and a pretty mask, which I will be wearing next Monday for Halloween. ☺

I've been smiling a lot lately...

The city air was intriguingly good-smelling, but the country-side air is much more familiar. Even the odorous smell of cow pies welcomed me home as we entered our hometown. It was nice to be home, but I will go back to the city that never sleeps some day, and enjoy even more exciting events and activities!


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