When you miss someone...?

Is it worse to miss someone who has died without a single memory of them than to miss someone who you've shared a long train of memories with?

In my opinion, it is.

When someone passes away, and you have so many great memories with them of their life tied with yours, they didn't really DIE. They just left for a while, so to say. But in your heart and your mind, you remember how wonderful they were, and all the great things they did. And soon you begin to think, "Wow, I'm really glad I knew them."

Most of the dead people I know of, I never really got to know, or had time to get to know. I find this incredibly sad, and sometimes I find myself in tears just a little bit at the wonder of what they were like. I crave and yearn to understand them better and wish I had been much closer to them before they passed. I was too young to understand most of the time, and too young to even care.

To know people cared about me SO MUCH, when I was too young to even see that? It hurts. It feels like right now I can't even be thankful ENOUGH for them, so to make sure they know I need to find them and tell them. I guess all I can ultimately do is pray. [i.e. "Dear God, please let the kind people I never knew up there know that I love them. And I am so thankful for them.] ^.^ ☺

Now, my empathy burns for my parents and everyone else they were close to, and I feel sad that I never knew what kind of people they were. I will never know how they looked, smelled, acted, or spoke.

Now think, isn't that the saddest thing of all?


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