Today was my first meeting for Confirmation of the Catholic church. My sponsor and I received a packet to fill out about what each other thought about each of the seven gifts of God. In my opinion, I think understanding is the most important, especially for Confirmation (for me, anyway.) Before we step into ANY situation, we must understand what exactly we are getting ourselves into. We must understand why, what, and how.

On another note my sponsor (my amazing Godmother) and I also talked about how people have no respect and wonder of the world anymore. Everyone takes things for granted. They never truly stop to smell the roses, they never LIVE!
I know you've probably heard this a million times, but COME. ON. You're kidding yourself if you think your life is crap. Because it's not. You have the power in yourself to entertain yourself (without meaningless technology), to make yourself happy, and be whatever and whoever you want to be.

We talked about how great big amazing marble buildings that are still standing today were made by people sooooooo long ago. Back when people still cared about the life around them, and used their resources without taking them for granted.  Life needs to be nourished, loved, taken into account.

Because life can go by really fast, if all you're doing is working and doing errands for stupid reasons. If you're the kind of person that goes out for dinner a lot, or picks up food in the drivethrus, then, well, I feel sorry for you. (another thing I need help with-- understanding people that take life for granted.) Why don't you make a nice homemade meal and sit down with your family?
Turn the TV off. Turn the lights off, for heavensake! Light some candels!
And just talk with each other.

Take a time machine back into "the day" and see how families used to be. Very similar, but also very different.

No one lives anymore.
No one cares anymore.
It might not last long, if that's what God has intended. So embrace it while you can, enjoy it, love it!! Take it INTO account, and don't push it away saying it "sucks" or "fml". Because honestly, you don't have it bad. At all.

Come on people, live a little. Enjoy the roses. Smell them. Touch them. Feel the rain. Feel the sun.


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